Canva vs Photoshop

Canva vs Photoshop. Which is the best? November 2022

When it comes to designing parts, we always confuse about which is the better option Canva or photoshop. This blog post digs deep into the pros, cons, benefits, and features
of both Canva and Photoshop.

So here we discuss the pros, cons, features, and benefits of both Canva and Photoshop.


As per Wikipedia source, Canva is an Australian graphic design platform, used to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents, and other visual content. The app includes templates for users to use.  It was founded on 28th June 2012.

While Adobe Photoshop is a raster graphics editor developed and published by Adobe Inc. for Windows and macOS. It was created in 1988 by Thomas and John Knoll. Since then, the software has become the industry standard not only in raster graphics editing but in digital art as a whole. 

Canva vs Photoshop: Features

Canva is one content management system for your entire organization. It has readymade templates that you can customize as per your feasibility.

While Photoshop is a software that helps to image editing and retouching photos and you have to create your own templates.

Versions of Canva and Photoshop

In Canva there are two versions one is free whereas another one is pro which is paid.

While Photoshops has come with 7 day free trial after that you have to pay for it. 

Price of Canva and Photoshop







3999/year one person

Rs 1,675.60/mo incl. GST


Or get a
7-day free trial before buying.

 Let us move to another point.

Editing Capabilities

 If we will talk about editing capabilities then Photoshop is exceptionally great compared to Canva, but if you are hurry and fast for results then Canva is best. Canva is good for speed
but photoshop is always best for its result.


Performance of Canva and Photoshop

Canva can perform on both mobile and system but Photoshop performs best on systems or desktops only.

Now above all the points are basics let us talk about some pros and cons of Canva and Photoshop

Canva Pros and Cons



Non-designers become designer

Limiting editing

Canva gives a professional look

The free version has a limit

Easy to use

Unique elements cannot be created

Under budget

Over usage of design

Team Access

Canva controls everything.

Customize the templates

Canva is not as controllable in terms of design elements.

Offers a variety of templates

Canva can delete your account

Photoshop Pros And Cons



Can edit the image exceptionally good

For beginners it little difficult

You can make any design

No in application templates

It can retouch the photo naturally

It is not affordable

Canva vs Photoshop : Comparison



A non-designer can use

Not easy for non-designer

Readymade templated

No readymade templated

Affordable in price

Not cheap in price

Customize design

Edit photos or Images

Benefits of Canva

  • Canva provides templates of the correct sizing for other online platforms: Canva’s predefine size helps to save time and energy, for example, if you want to post something on social media then Canva themselves tells you the size of the post, or banner.
  • User Friendly: It is user-friendly, anyone can become a designer with no need for prior experience. Canva is designed in a way that if you are a non-designer then too you can design anything at any time.
  • Budget-friendly Anyone can buy it. Canva is a pocket friendly can one can buy.
  • Templates can be customized: In Canva there are a lot of templates and most important thing is that you can customize them at any time.
  • Team Access: A team can access easily as a team can work under one roof.

Benefits of Photoshop

  • Retouch photography:-If the photo is not clear then it can be retouched and made more appealing.
  • Advanced Editing:-Photoshop has exceptionally good in editing. Photoshop is known for its editing of images and videos so you can easily edit images in an attractive way.
  • Become a skilled graphic designer: – Once you understand photoshop you can become a skilled graphic designer. As we all know that it is a little difficult to understand the tools of photoshop but once you have hands-on experience in it and more important if you are creative then you can become an expert in it.
  • Quick and Time-Saving: – Photoshop is a time saving once you know the tools of software then you can easily edit or makes anything within a minute. Photoshop is a gem of any other software for graphic designing.

If you’re considering upgrading to either Photoshop or Canva Pro, this write-up will help you make your decision. Here are a few points: –

1.Depending on where you are at in your business, Canva, and Photoshop appeal will be different and usage is different.

2. Without question photoshop is create a more robust design than Canva. Photoshop creates anything like customize logos, templates, brochures, 3D projects, patterns, and much more.

3.As I mentioned above Canva is good for beginners, if you want to make a career ingraphic designing and you don’t know anything then learning with Canva is a good start.

4. Suppose you have a start-up business and you don’t have a budget to hire a graphic designer so you can go for Canva and create the design by yourself.

5. If you want to become a graphic designer then you must go for photoshop but before going for Photoshop try Canva as well.


Now all the above points can clarify the idea.  

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